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Management: Victor Kruglov

Commercial:  TGMD Talent Agency


Anton Kasabov

Actor and Martial Arts Champion Anton Kasabov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria during the reign of communism. As a young boy, he was described as an athletic child filled with energy, yet got picked on by bullies at his school. Watching "The Big Boss" starring Bruce Lee changed his life - he decided he wanted to learn how to fight back. This was the beginning of Anton's journey in Martial Arts and Acting.

Anton was invited to study with one of the founders of Tae Kwon Do, the North Korean Master Kim Ung Choi. A few years later, he was chosen to compete on the Bulgarian National Team for the European Championship in Vienna, Austria. Being a rookie, no one ever expected him to win two gold medals, making him the first one to win a gold medal in an International Championship for his country. He continued to compete and won more than 40 gold medals in World, European and National Championships. His big break in the United States came in 1996 when he achieved the title of Absolute World Champion in the 2nd World Invitational Karate Tournament in Pennsylvania, picking up three additional gold medals and two silver. Over the next few years he acquired the titles of Champion of The Twin Towers Tournament, Winner of the US Classic Tae Kwon Do Competition, and Gold Medalist in the All American Martial Arts Open.


Anton soon discovered another passion of his - acting.  He has had the opportunity to work under the influence of many great acting coaches such as Larry Moss, Joanne Barron, and Julie Ariola.  Influenced deeply by Bruce Lee as a child, Kasabov wanted to impact the lives of others and created "Tae Kwon Do 4 Kids" where he teaches martial arts to kids of all ages.  He has also gained notoriety in the acting world, getting leads in short films, plays, and National commercials for American Express and Propel Fitness Water.  He has also choreographed multiple fight scenes for movies and music videos.  Anton was most recently featured in the $25 million budget movie "Tekken", based on the Japanese video game, where he played the iconic video game character Sergei Dragunov.  As a model, he has done runway shows and ad campaigns for major companies.  Currently residing in Los Angeles, Anton takes his worldwide talent and passion from his hometown in Bulgaria to the world.


Notable Work


Tekken (Lead, Directed by Dwight H. Little)

Rush Hour 3 (Supporting, Directed by Brett Ratner)

Way of the Tiger (Lead, Directed by Christopher Salzberger)

Falling Stars (Lead, Directed by Yanush Svenson)

El Norteno (Supporting, Telemundo)

The Mafia Type (Supporting, Directed by JD Ferrentino)


The Talent Agency (Lead, UPN)

Mortal Combat (Lead, MTV)

Good Day LA (Guest Star, FOX)

Chang Family Saves The World (Guest Star/Pilot, ABC)

Samurai (Lead, BTV)

20 Teaching Tae Kwon Do (Lead, Grand Master Hee II Cho)

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